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What a Load of Rubbish

I’ve often found when speaking to people about their skip experiences there’s rarely positive comments. At one point I’d had a skip well past it’s due collection date and even the grocery delivery person commented, saying: “Have you still got that skip? I ordered one for my sister-in-law, and they’ve left it for over five weeks now…”.

Seems to happen a lot and some of my suspicions have been confirmed in off-the-record conversations with skip truck drivers – either the hire firm will only collect if they happen to be in the area, or they’ll only pick up if they’ve sold the hire onto someone else. Obviously they’re quick to charge you for an extra week if you miss their pickup when you’re out…

Great for the skip hire firm, but not so good for us actually paying for it. After all – we pay up front for skip hire and disposal, and there is no regulation or oversight on this part of the construction industry. Or is it the waste management industry? Who knows.

The only place we, the general public can vent is either to a skip hire firm (who probably couldn’t care less) or over a pint with our mates. Most business directories ask for payment in form of subscription fees or advertising, e.g. paid promoted listings, and so don’t necassarily paint the right picture of the companies involved. It’s also extremely difficult to verify that reviewers aren’t also either working at the firm involved, or contract drivers – or even friends in-the-trade being asked to help out with positive reviews without actually using the services involved.

So was born.

No adverts. No paid listing and promotions. No deals behind closed doors. We don’t make any money from it, nor expect that to change at any point in future.

We already had the web servers and the software is free so it’s not really a lot of extra effort for us to build and maintain. Plus we’d already had some terrible experiences with skip hire and discovered that there’s literally nothing available to share these experiences!

If you’d like to get in touch and ask a question, feel free to use the form on the contact page.