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Rating Scheme

Information to include

We’d really like to help apply transparency wherever possible and we think that it would be useful if you could include the following information in your reviews:

  • What kind of skip you hired
  • How much you paid for it (inc. VAT)
  • The actual review in as many words as you think is right

Because the whole point of this site is to ensure we have valued reviews, it’s probably easier to combine the star rating into something more meaningful relating to the type of service you paid for. If all reviews are five stars but each of those reviews just involved a skip hire firm doing what they were paid for, that’s not an “above and beyond” level of service that warrants five stars, is it?

3 Stars Is Normal

What it does mean though, is that skip review firms with three stars are actually good – they’re going to be the ones that you would probably expect to be able to call and get the job done. One or two stars are the ones to avoid, and the four / five star average reviews

So please take the following table into consideration when providing a review – we may get in touch with you about your review if you rate five stars, but don’t explain why that’s appropriate. If you give us a good reason we’ll publish as per usual without any further questions. The table is simply a list of suggestions for situations you may experience against the star rating you should give.

We don’t believe in editing reviews however, so if you provide a review which doesn’t quite describe your experience, we’ll just explain why and ask you to submit a new review.

One StarThere were real problems either getting the skip delivered or picked up. Maybe they left you in the dark for weeks at a time until it suited them.
You had to chase the firm for one or more events and they wouldn’t return your calls or emails.
Perhaps they were rude and unhelpful to the point where you didn’t think they knew what “professional” means.
Two StarsThere might have been an issue where they couldn’t deliver at the time of day you asked for, but they got there on the day you wanted.
Maybe the hire was a bit more expensive than you’re used to.
Perhaps the driver or office staff were difficult – or rude – to deal with.
Three StarsThey delivered the skip(s) at the time you asked them to, picked up at the time you asked them to.
You might call them again if you needed another skip in future.
Maybe you’ve used them before and they were consistently good.
Four StarsAs well as doing what’s needed for three stars, they were polite, professional and easy-to-deal with.
You would call them again if you needed another skip in future.
Maybe you’ve used them before and they’ve been really great to deal with on multiple occasions.
Five StarsThey went above-and-beyond the four star performance level – perhaps they dropped or picked up on a weekend, or helped you get waste disposed quickly and safely to help you deal with a difficult piece of work.
Maybe there was a problem and they gave you a discount or refund when you complained, and apologised for the problems.
You’ve used them before and they were just as great to deal with on those occasions